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Whether you are taking a business crew to visit the Buckingham Palace or taking your family to see the London Eye, London Minibus has what you need. We provide an extensive assortment of minibus and coach hire services for London residents of all kinds. Need a ride to the airport? Have one of our drivers pick you up and take you there, or drive yourself and get free parking as a part of the deal. Taking the Rugby team in for the championship game? Let the team members ride in style in one of our huge, luxurious minibus vehicles so that they can relax and save up the energy to play. Thinking of taking the class on a long trip to the Tate Modern? Hire one of our 16-seater minibus rides so that the class can have some fun. We have all types of vehicles to suit any purpose.

  Why People Choose Us

UK businesses, schools, families and individuals select our services because we provide well-rounded five-star quality. We maintain the most cosmetically and mechanically sound vehicles so that our customers can travel with trust. Each one of our vehicles is inspected by a certified mechanic and maintained on a consistent basis. Whether you hire a vehicle with a driver or a self-drive minibus, you can feel confident knowing that it will take you wherever you need to go with zero problems.

Along with the prompt service and timely inspections, we also offer experienced, certified and compassionate drivers. Our drivers are skilled in taking care of you on the road and in your seat. By hiring one of our own, you will not only be receiving transportation from a professional driver, but you will also be receiving top shelf service from a friend.

You will find that our amazing rates are the most affordable of any minibus hire companies in the market. We believe in giving our customers the most exquisite quality for a price they can afford. Therefore, we offer you flexible rates that will make your experience even more enjoyable. We have an enormous array of vehicles to offer, and we can tailor the pricing to suit your budget. Obtaining a hire from this company can save you money and put a smile on your face.

Another element that makes our company desirable is our availability. We offer services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is no need to worry about whether you will be able to hire something on the weekends or holidays. With Minibus Hire London, the answer is always “Yes!” Minibus Hire London has you covered through all four seasons as well.

Need a quote? Have a question? Our team of knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives are always available to cater to your needs. They dedicate every ounce of their time and efforts to making sure that you have the most amazing and memorable experience. Just call the number provided or send us a message and someone will get back to you in the blink of an eye.

So let us recap. Consumers choose London Minibus for its:

  • Pristine high-quality vehicles
  • Friendly, skilled drivers
  • Flexible rates
  • 24-hour services all yearStellar Customer Service

 Types Of Transportation We Offer

Minibus Hire London offers a fleet of reliable minibuses and coaches manufactured to accommodate your event. Whether you have a party of five or a party of 50, we have the perfect vehicle to seat them. The following are just a few of the types of transportation we offer:

  • 8 Seater Minibus
  • 16 Seater Minibus
  • 12-14 Seater Minibus
  • 16 seater minibus
  • 24 seater mini coach
  • 28-35 seater coach
  • 49 seater coach
  • 53 seater coach
  • 72 seater double-decker coach

As you can see, we have minibuses and coaches for any size event. Our executive minibus Mercedes can give a group of business persons an extra look of class for the corporate event. Ford, which is one of the leading automobile companies, manufactures our standard minibus. In addition, as previously stated, we keep all of our vehicles maintained to the highest of standards.

Places To See In London

If you are not quite sure where to take your team, corporate group, stag party, or family, London has a plethora of memorable sites to visit. If your group is interested in aviation, you can take them to explore the Royal Air Force Museum. If your organisation is a fan of musical memoirs, you may take a stroll down Abbey Lane. Additionally, you can visit the Crystal Palace Park to mystify and occupy your children.
Give a call now and find out how you can get a quality minibus or coach hire for less. We are guaranteed to beat any company in the market.


Minibus Hire London has been in business for years, connecting the residents of London with affordable transportation that they need for various events. From small family gatherings to University and corporate events, the company has just about everything covered. We offer the cleanest and most mechanically superior vehicles in the industry. Our drivers are trained in large vehicle operation and the highest level of hospitality. What each person receives by hiring coaches, minibuses, and drivers from our organization is the satisfaction and respect that he or she deserves. We offer a wide range of vehicles and accommodations for the following events:

Weddings: Enjoy your one special day by hiring a minibus and driver to take you to your wedding and all your post-wedding activities. Our driver can even escort you to your honeymoon destination, so you can start your life with your new spouse properly.

Funerals: Along with our deepest condolences, we will provide you with a minibus or coach to transport you to and from the funeral. We have vehicles with as few as eight seats to vehicles with 72 seats. We can offer airport pickup and drop-off as well, for the family members who came from out of town.

Family Excursion: Need to get away with the kids and the wife? Hire one of our loaded minibuses to take you and the family to various amusement parks, restaurants, museums and aquariums. Minibuses come with air conditioning, restrooms, and everything you need to enjoy your trip.

Corporate Events: Secure of one our sleek Mercedes minibuses and impress your business partners, employees, and executive friends. Our minibus can get you to your business meeting or conference on time and in a professional fashion.

Day Trips: Hire our vehicle and drivers to take you on a day trip to any of the popular attractions in the London area. Take a ride over the Tower Bridge or stop by and visit Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace.

Sporting Events: Take the winning team for a celebration dinner or brunch in one of our spacious and comfortable vehicles. Let the team members share stories and laugh while the driver rides away from the winning game. Our vehicles can accommodate rugby teams, football teams, basketball teams, and the like. Show the team how much they mean to you by taking them on an exciting adventure in the busy land of London.

Airport Service: We accommodate customers who simply need to get to or from the airport. Our driver will pick you up at the specified time and drop you off in plenty of time to get your flight. If you are returning from a trip, we can have the same driver pick you up at the airport. You can also book a vehicle with a driver to pick up family members and friends who are coming to London to visit.

Hen and Stag Nights: If you have a mate who is getting ready to be married, we can help to make your hen and stag party memorable. Hire our designated driver to drive you around to all the local nightclubs and bars.

Stray Nights: Have you ever just felt like cruising the London streets while someone else chauffeured you around? With Minibus Hire London, you can have that luxury. You can take your wife out for some gazes at the moon or take your best mates out for a night of mischief and mystery.

Birthday Parties: You and your family members and friends only have one special day that you can call your own. Make it a fantastic day by hiring one of our spacious, dependable vehicles to transport you to your party destinations.

Coach Tours: Our vehicles can accommodate tours for groups of students, senior citizen clubs, or church organisations. They are suitable for groups of more than 50 people if your party is that large. The guests will have the luxury of music, DVDs and refreshments.

London Events

Services are available to and from some of the most prominent London events. We provide transportation to and from the Royal Ascot, the British Golf Open, the Notting Hill Carnival, the Manchester International Festival, the Henley Royal Regatta, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, and more. This season, you can make your transport to any one of these events a fantastic expedition. make the right choice for London Minibus Hire services for the best experience of your life.

To receive a quote from one of our specialists, complete an online form with the specifics. We will want to know how many people are going to be in your party, where you need to be, and when you need to be there. We will take it from there by offering you a rate that you can appreciate.

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