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The daytime is the perfect time to take a family on a vacation or take a class on a trip. Daytime is also great for business meetings and birthday parties. If you are looking for the highest level of comfort and the most reliable transportation, Minibus Hire London has just what you need. We have a fleet of vehicles that varies from the modest 8-seater minibus to the double decker 72-seater coach. Whether you are running to the shopping centre with your family or taking an entire company on a trip to Europe, one of our arrangements can help you.

Day trips minibus London are much more fun when one of the attendants does not have to drive the vehicle. One of our most appreciated services is our line of coaches and minibuses that come with a driver attached. With a driver taking care of your navigational needs, you can mingle with the executives or joke around with the team while your driver gets you to your destination. All of our drivers are trained in the laws of the roads and accident prevention techniques. Each one of them has a clean record and a high level of concentration. Your day trip is sure to be full of excitement and delight, since you can relax about being behind the wheel. Let our driver provide you with the front seat service that you deserve.

Ideas for Day Trips in London

If you are having trouble deciding on a place to have your day trip, you have a wide range of options from which you can choose. If you are looking for a budget day trip that can save you money, you may want to take the group to the National Gallery. There you will be able to marvel at some of the finest paintings by legends such as Michelangelo and Picasso. Next, you might opt to ride by Waterloo, or take a gander at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Family day trips can be full of adventure and fantasy. If your children favour animals and screams, you can visit the Sea Life London Aquarium, and then stop by the London Dungeon for some scary rides. If they are more into the British culture, you can take them on a 75-minute tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Another idea for day trips in London is a nice tour of the Buckingham Palace. During certain months, visitors can go inside and get a good look at the nineteen glamorous staterooms. The London area offers the most educational and insightful locations to vacation or explore.

Securing a minibus or coach from Minibus Hire London is almost as easy as counting to three. First, you select which one of our amazing vehicles you would like to obtain. Next, you complete a short form with your personal information. Finally, one of our kind experts will return your inquiry with a quote that will save you money. After you receive your quote and arrange your trip, you will have the pleasure of sitting in one of our high comfort vehicles for your day trip. Minibus Hire London is the number one provider of fine transportation service and event support.

All Size Vehicle for all Size Day Trips

We know that every customer has a different situation. That is why we have such an extensive inventory on our lot. Schoolteachers and administrators who would like to take the students on a day class trip will may find our 35-seater coach accommodating for the task. Those who travel with sports teams might survive with a 14 to 16-seater minibus. For those families who just have each other as company, we offer a smaller 8-seater minibus for your pleasure.

No matter where you choose to take your day trips in London, you will have only the finest vehicle. Our standard minibus is designed by the Ford Corporation, which has a reputation for building vehicles that withstand the test of time. For corporate day trips, we offer the Mercedes executive minibus so that our clients can travel with prestige. Browse the inventory of various vehicles we have and select the size that meets the needs of your group.

When you are ready to reserve from the best minibus hire company in London, you may start the process by completing a short form. Tell us whether you need a self-driving minibus, or if you would like a driver assisted vehicle. Give us your pickup location and your destination. Let us know just how many passengers you expect to have, and we will come back at you with a quote that you will not find anywhere else in the industry. Minibus Hire London prides itself on removing the stress from day trips, so that customers can get the most fulfilling experience.

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