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Whether you are taking your child’s class for a delightful birthday event at an amusement park, or taking your colleagues out to an extravagant restaurant birthday celebration, Minibus Hire London has what you need. Our fleet of minibuses and coaches are crafted to hold your party and transport it to some of the most impressive venues in the city. We offer cheap minibus services and coaches for larger crowds. You can hire our vehicles with or without drivers, and you can select from some of the finest vehicle manufacturers so you know that you are getting the best quality.

We know the importance of showing someone a good time on his or her birthday. After all, birthdays only come around once a year, and you only get to be a certain age once in your life. Our company is staffed with people who specialise in helping you to plan your mate’s birthday or an event for your boss, church group, or sports team. No matter whose birthday it is, Minibus Hire London will ensure that the travel is smooth and the memories are positive. Just take a minute to browse through the inventory to see what we have to offer you.

Birthday Party Ideas in London

London is full of a variety of places to entertain guests for a birthday party. You can have a low budget birthday party at one of the free venues, or dazzle the birthday boy or girl with an elaborate event. Minibus Hire London staff members will work with you through the entire process of planning, to make sure that you have every step of the birthday adventure covered efficiently.

The Dalston Jazz bar is a wonderful place to take a group of mates for a birthday party. There, you will all be able to enjoy inexpensive cocktails as well as a variety of snacks. You can all sit back and listen to some of the most nostalgic and entertaining music of all times.

Bea’s of Bloomery would be a suitable venue to take a group to celebrate your mum’s birthday. Bea’s has a wide selection of coffees, teas, cakes and special events. If you are visiting Bea’s on a movie night, your group can see the screening of a classic movie or a holiday movie that many London residents enjoy.

The High Road House is an establishment that you can visit if your group is into having fun. The High Road House features a private dining room, a bar known as the Playhouse, and a TV and games room known as the Playground. It provides a perfect mix of activities and possibilities for a party of 150 and less.

The 99 Club in London has won Chortle awards from 2011 to 2013 for being the best club in the area. One thing you can do for a birthday party in this club is book a comedy package. Some of London’s finest comedians will be available to spice up the night for you and the rest of the party attendants. The 99 club also has gourmet meals, private shows and an experienced DJ. After you decide where to bring your party, reserve one our birthdays minibus London to top you off with the best transportation.

A Driver With Knowledge

Each one of our London minibus company drivers has vast knowledge of the London area. He or she will know the best places to visit to make the birthday person’s day or night exciting. Additionally, all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS systems, which takes the question mark out of traveling. You can feel confident knowing that your minibus driver will arrive on time to pick up, drop off and transport your birthday party group. This person will have the ability to take you and your group to the most delightful and popular sites and landmarks in the city. Birthday parties are supposed to be events that people will remember for a lifetime. Do not make the mistake of hiring a minibus in London from a boring company that does not care. At Minibus Hire London, our mission is to be the best at everything we do. We care about our your satisfaction immensely.

Reserve a Birthdays Minibus London Today

If you are ready to put the final additions on your birthday party plans, you can have a look at our inventory of minibus and coach vehicles and select the one that will suit your occasion. Let us know the dates and times that you intend to travel, and we can give you a nice quote for a minibus in London. The element that makes a birthday party a success is fun. Minibus Hire London is always finding ways to make our customers’ trips more upbeat and appealing. Get in touch with us to day so we can make your birthday celebration great.

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