16 Seater Minibus Hire London

Going somewhere in London?  London Minibus has a fleet of luxurious, accessory packed, well-fixed vehicles, including a 16-seater minibus hire London, to get your group to its destination. Whether you want to take a sightseeing tour around London, visit the British Museum, or simply have some transportation to and from the airport, we have what you are looking for. The vehicles in our minibus and coach fleet come from profound manufacturers that have been around for decades providing the world with top quality performance. You will see that we have vehicles from manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes, which are two of the leading automobile companies.

Our 16-seater minibus hire London comes fully equipped with every device you will ever need for your travel. You will have access to bathroom facilities, a music system, a DVD player, and a plasma television or LCD screen. You will have the ability to connect your laptop if you need to perform work during the trip as well. Additionally, all vehicles have air conditioning and heating units so that you can adjust the temperature to your liking. In addition to those great features, each one of our minibusses and coaches has safety gadgets for your protection. Some of them also come equipped with baby changing stations and drink stations. Our mission is to make your trip as comfy as possible.

One of the best features of our vehicles is that they are all spacious. Not only do they have plenty of room in each seat, but also they provide a wealth of room in the back for your luggage. You will be able to fit more than nine bags in the car for the trip. Therefore, you will not have to leave any of your clothing or other items at home. Minibus Hire London has you covered on all angles. We know exactly what you need, and it is our mission to give it to you at all times.

Along with our 16-seater minibus hire London, we also have a smaller 8-seater minibus if you are traveling with a family of four. We also have larger minibusses in our line-up that go all the way to 18 seats. If your group is very large, you can secure one of our 35-seater or 49-seater coaches. We have double decker 72-seater vehicles as well, for those larger parties like wedding and funeral parties.

We Care About You

By reserving a minibus or coach from our company, you are guaranteeing to yourself that you receive the utmost care. We are the leading minibus company in London, and we have maintained that spot for years. The reason that our customers love us so much is our dedication, hard work and sincerity. We do not just say that we care about you; we sincerely mean it. We want to see you make it to that business meeting on time. We want to see your wedding group arrive and leave with smiles on their faces. We want your guests to enjoy their tour. All of our employees work hard for your happiness, and that is a quality we will never change.

Minibus and Coach Services all Year Long

When other companies are shutting down for the holidays, Minibus Hire London is working around the clock. We offer the same wonderful services all year ’round with no exceptions. You will be able to find a minibus or coach on weekends, holidays, and during important events. Just contact us as soon as possible to start making arrangements. If you need help with event planning, catering or booking, we might be able to assist with that as well.

Easy Online Booking

If you are interested in obtaining one of our mini buss or coaches for airport travel, weddings, funerals, family trips, vacations, business meetings, and more, do not hesitate to use our easy online booking system. Just provide your name, email address, telephone number, size of the group, type of vehicle, and the dates you will need to travel. We will come up with something affordable for you, so that you can save some money for having fun in London. We love London, and we want you to love it too.

You may also opt to call our customer service team about a cheap minibus hire, minibus hires with driver, coach hire, and more. You will be taken back by the pleasantry that you hear in that person’s voice when you get her or him on the phone. Our customer service agents do not sound irritated or bored to help you. The team members answer each call with the utmost enthusiasm because it is exciting for us to service yet another London business or resident. Allow us to transport your group to and from the airport and additional London locations.

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