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London, a city where both tradition and history greet you at every street corner, has long held the title for being one of the coolest and most modern cities on the planet. Even if London only held landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, they’d still rank as one of the world’s top destinations. Still, Britain’s capital offers much more whether its theater, art galleries from world famous artists or trendy shops, London has it all.

 LondonCoach Tours: Why Take This Route?

If you have ever visited a gigantic foreign city, you understand how daunting the huge buildings and enormous crowds become. London boasts a bristling population of eight million people, and without an experienced an knowledgeable tour guide, you can miss pinnacle landmarks that give the city personality. In London one of those landmarks is called the London Eye, which is a monolithic Ferris wheel along the Thames River. Our London coach company will show you around the city. Here are some of the other advantages of hiring us:

Knowledgeable bus drivers take you to the city’s hot spots
Competitive pricing
No worries about missing the biggest hot spots in London

The Art and Culture of London

A city famous for its art and culture, London has long remained a world mecca for art, culture and the imagination. The people of London have always remained fiercely independent thinkers. Still, up until recently, the people of London remained suspicious of things you could label as avant-garde, but today, the city celebrates with explosive creativity. Should you decide to add the British Museum to your itinerary, you will save some money considering it remains free of charge. Not to mention, this is one of the best museums in all of London with over 3.5 million objects. Some of the must-sees include:

Colossal horse from Halikarnassos.
Prosthetic toe
Helmet and crushed skull from Ur.
Three human figurines
Assyrian lion hunt reliefs

Exploring the City

London Coach tours will reveal some of the best of what the city has to offer. An experienced tour guide will show you around. One of the first facts you learn about London is how they are as much about the green forest escapes as they are about the crowded urban landscapes. Throughout the city, you will find drop-dead gorgeous parks like Hyde Park, St. James Hill and Greenwich Park.

The coach bus especially goes to Central London where some of the major museums of the city exist and you can find some of the most world famous galleries. If you want to escape the crowds, we recommend a visit to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Time Travel Back to London’s Past

London bursts at the seams with eye-opening antiquity and rich history. No trip to London is complete without a visit to the Tower of London. A fortress in service to the English royalty, the ancient stones within hold dark and terrible secrets. The very name, “Tower of London,” once struck agonizing fear into the hearts of anyone who heard its name. This fortress in service of the royal palace served as an armory and dungeon, but today, it even has a zoo. Some of the most famous prisoners of this dungeon included:

Lady Jane Grey
The Princes in the Tower
Anne Boleyn–Henry the VIII’s Second Wife
Rudolph Hess
Guy Fawkes

When you hire our  London coach tours  company, we have a variety of buses that include:

8-Seat Minibus
14-Seat Minibus
16-Seat Minibus
24-Seat Minicoach
35-Seat Coach
53-Seat Coach
Double Decker 72-Seat Coach

Many people who visit the city of London fall in love with this deeply diverse and multicultural city. One out of every three Londoners is born in another country, and the city has more than 270 nationalities who speak in more than 300 tongues. The city will always hold something new to explore and learn. When you book through us, we will take you through some of the best parts of London.

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