24 Seater Mini Coach Hire London

Most likely a battalion of London minibus companies offer transportation services. They may say that they can get you to and from the airport or to another destination. However, Minibus Hire London is the only company that can get you to and from your destination in a better mood than the one you were in before you left. Minibus Hire London has all the elements of the perfect transportation company. You should only consider us for your 24 seater mini coach hire London, because the coach will come with a wealth of benefits and features. The following are some of the features that come with our minibuses and coaches:

Air Conditioning

You will never have to worry about being too warm in your minibus or coach from our company. We have clean, fully functional, modernized air conditioning systems with enough power to blow your ears back. Your comfort is one of the utmost important things to us. Therefore, we have these systems in our 24 seater mini coach hire London as well as our 8-seater minibus, 12-seater minibus, 14-15 seater minibus and 18-seater minibus. Additionally, such systems would be available in our coaches that go all all the way up to 72 seats.

Handicap Access

Here a London MinibuS , we are fully aware that some travelers may need special accommodations. Therefore, we have acquired some vehicles that have special handicap railing and accessories. Additionally, we train our drivers to assist with getting handicap people on and off the buses and coaches. We are here to provide you with any services that will make your trip less stressful. Our minibus hire with driver is the best that London has ever seen. With this service, you will receive an award winning the vehicle and a poised and considerate driver.

CD Player

Music is an element that makes London travel more enjoyable. We supply CD player systems in all of our vehicles so that you can have the choice of music you want in the background of your journey. You can bring your own CD that your group would like to hear, or you can flip through the radio to find the newest tunes from the most popular entertainers. All CD systems are state of the art systems with excellent speakers and a pure sound. We understand that music may be necessary during a long trip, so we have that covered for you.

DVD Player

Playing a DVD during a long trip with many children is a perfect way to hold their attention. Our DVD systems are excellent for class trips and adventures. A schoolteacher could bring along a movie lesson or put in a popular cartoon movie that all the children will enjoy. Perhaps they would like to see “Despicable Me 2” or one of the movies from the “Cars” series. If you are traveling with an older group of children, then perhaps an “Iron Man” movie would do the trick. No matter what movie you choose to play in the vehicle, you will have an opportunity to see it in high quality.

Bathroom Facilities

Nature does not wait for the right minibus to call upon you. For that reason, you will want to hire your 24 seater mini coach hire London from us. Our vehicles are equipped with bathroom facilities to accommodate you while you travel. You will not have to ask the driver to pull over or feel uncomfortable for one minute. Just walk to the back of the vehicle and take care of business.

Excess Space

Minibus Hire London understands how much you need your belongings when you travel. We made sure that we choose a fleet of minibuses and coaches that could a large amount of luggage. Your guests will be able to place all of their clothing, personal items, blankets and other materials comfortably on the bus. In addition, our minibuses and coaches are all designed to give you maximum comfort and reliability. Whether you are traveling for business purposes or just taking a vacation day with your family, you will always have the opportunity to do it in style with us. So what are you waiting for? Secure your vehicle now and get your trip planned.

To receive a straightaway quote for a 24 seater mini coach hire London, all you need to do is make contact with us. We have placed a short form online for your convenience. Completing the form will take approximately two minutes. Please fill it out completely, and let us know what you need. The key factor is letting us know a number of people who will be travelling with you. That way we can make sure that you have chosen the best vehicle for the task. Place your reservation today and we can have someone pick you up today.

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