72 Seater Double Decker Coach London

Double Decker Coach 72 Seater Coach London

Order one of our luxurious Double Decker coach 72 seater coach London for your large group of travellers to any event. We accommodate large groups of entertainers who are going to tour various music or comedy venues. We also provide the transportation for large wedding groups and funeral gatherings. Our 72 seater coach has enough capacity to transport several football teams, church groups, senior classes and more. This vehicle is the largest we have to offer, and it will surely take care of any need you have. Just ask and you shall receive one of the finest vehicles on the lot.

The 72 seater coach comes equipped with air conditioning and heat for your comfort. For your satisfaction, we have also added a DVD player, CD system, and more. You will also be privy to bathroom facilities so that every member of your group can clean up before a huge event. The luggage space is almost endless in this vehicle, so all of your travellers will have room to put their belongings. Being in a vehicle of this capacity is much like riding in a home on wheels. We adhere to the highest standard of comfort, and you will love the experience.

Regularly Inspected Vehicle

Many UK consumers have trouble with coaches and minibus vehicles from other providers because they do not live up to our standards. Every single vehicle in our possession was handpicked from one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Each vehicle was check by a certified mechanic for safety issues and mechanical problems. Additionally, our hard-working mechanics keep up with the regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotation. With a double-decker coach 72 seater coach London, you will never have to worry about being stuck on the road. We check all points before leaving the base.

Street Knowledgeable Drivers

Our drivers do much more than just drive your group around. Every driver that we hire has extensive knowledge of the London area. This person can help you to choose the best locations for lodging, eating, shopping or just enjoying the London sites. Additionally, your driver will help you board your luggage and find the most comfortable seats. If any handicapped persons are travelling with you, our drivers have experience in helping them as well. You get so much more than you bargained for by working with Minibus Hire London.

A Full Line-up

While our 72-seater vehicle is wonderful, it is not the only vehicle we have in stock. Those who have smaller parties can hire one of our 49 or 53-seater vehicles. Smaller groups might do well with a 24-seater coach or an 18-seater minibus. Our minibuses start at eight seats and go all the way up to 18. After 18, we start getting into the heavy-duty machinery. We have everything you need here at London Minibus Hire. There is absolutely no reason for you to look any further for high-quality transportation.

Full Range of Transportation Services

We handle a broad range of events such as corporate events, birthday parties, stag and hen parties, family vacations, church group tours, senior citizen club trips, and more. In fact, we cover all types of events. If you have an idea for an event that we have not covered, we will figure out a way to get it covered. We are willing to try any new arrangement or idea and come up with the perfect pricing option to save you money. Our goal is to relieve you of stress without emptying your wallet.

Five Star Customer Service Team

Consumers rave about our 5-star customer service team for London minibus hire and coach hire. The first thing they always notice is how delightful that we are to have them visit our London minibus company. The second thing they notice is how helpful our support agents are. They will assist with questions about booking hotels, restaurants and airline tickets. They will help any person to find the vehicle that best suits his or her party. Additionally, our award-winning team will check back after the trip to ensure that each person had a delightful time. Minibus Hire London stays at the top of the list for a minibus in London excellence.

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If you are ready to hire a double decker coach 72 seater coach London for your huge group tour, please do so by completing a short online form. We just need to know the basics, such as the time and date of your travels and the amount of people you will be bringing. When we give you your quote, we will discuss all the benefits that you will be receiving in your transportation package. You can be sure that you will get much more than you bargained for.

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