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If you are thinking of taking a trip with an extended family, business group or team, consider hiring one of the vehicles from Minibus Hire London. We simply have the best collection of sturdy and dignified coaches and minibuses for your travelling group. Our 12 -14eater minibus hire London has just enough seats to accommodate the members in your family or some of the business associates in your office. We can get you to your next business meeting on time and with a positive attitude. You will have that positive attitude, because you will be so pleased with our service.

London Minibus   is a veteran in the game of group transport. We have learned over the years how to be flexible to what our customers need. If you are working on a tight school budget or a specific business travel budget, we will be more than happy to work with you to get the quote down to something you can handle. We are always willing to help you to save money. That is why London executives and families call us first when they are thinking about transportation.

Our 12 -14eater minibus hire London is manufactured by Mercedes, which you know is a prominent and reliable provider. Not only will you have the top of the line automobile for your quest, but you will also have a highly respectable driver. We make sure that our drivers take the necessary courses so that they know effective accident prevention, alternative routes and how to help with handicap travellers. By getting a cheap minibus hire with driver from us, you will be receiving an automobile, a guide and a friend. No other London minibus company has been able to match our all-around perfect style.

Minibus hire London’s fleet of minibuses and coaches are suitable to take you to and from any event that you have in mind. If you simply need someone to pick you up and drop you off at the airport, we have minibus airport hire. If you want to take a group on a long sightseeing tour of London, we have 12 -14eater minibus hire London as well as a wide variety of coaches and minibuses in other sizes. If the Royal Ascot is your destination, you may want to use one of our 8-seater minibuses or 24-seater coaches. It depends on your crowd, but you would looking dashing in our white executive Mercedes vehicle.

Always-Safe travel

Our minibuses and coaches are equipped with the safety features that you need to maintain the highest level of safety. Along with all the gadgets you need for safety, your driver also will have skills in that area. All you have to do when you get inside one of our minibus or coaches is sit back and feel the soft texture of the seats on your bum and back. Our company is all about comfort. We ensure that you will be comfortable on your trip, no matter how short or long it may be.

Unbeatable Prices

Our second most important feature next to giving you supreme comfort is our unbeatable prices. We guarantee you that we have the best rates in London for what we offer. We want to save you money, be use saving you money makes you happy. Therefore, we offer special rates and discounts for large groups. You can bring your team, school, group, or sector on board of any of our vehicles and benefit from having a discounted deal. Whether you are hiring our double decker 72-seater coach for your trip or our 12-14 seater minibus, you can rest assure that you are getting the best deal in the UK.

Ask About Your Options

Our drivers and vehicles are very flexible, meaning that we can accommodate any type of trip you have planned. The driver can stick with you and transport you to various stops if you are having a night out with a group of your mates. Alternatively, the driver can take your group to a single destination that you will spend hours at. He or she can come back and pick you up to return to your original destination. We will do whatever is in your plan. Just apply for a minibus and London and we will provide one for you.

Easy Application Process

To start your 12 -14eater minibus hire London, you can call us on the phone and let us know what you require. If you are a little less personal, and you would rather complete a form, you can do that as well. Just provide us with your name, starting point, destination point, times and the type of vehicle that you would like to have. You can view a wide selection of these vehicles on our page and select the one that seems the best.

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