London Minibus

London Minibus is a UK based establishment that specializes in providing travelling accommodations for London residents. We serve a wide variety of needs from the basic trip to and from the airport, to the multiple family trip or corporate event. Our inventory is full of high maintenance, comfortable and classy vehicles for groups of five to groups of much more than 50 people. We service schools, sports teams, performers, married couples, funeral attendants, corporate groups, church organizations and more. To find out how we can accommodate you, simply complete an online form and we will return contact rather quickly.

Our Mission Statement

Here at Minibus Hire London, our mission is to provide each customer with the best overall experience he or she has ever had. We want our customers to remember the journeys they took with our drivers and our vehicles for years to come. We like to hear that we have made someone’s day brighter or made a difficult task easier. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our customers come from the references of other customers who have enjoyed their experiences. We welcome you to invite us into your life if only for the duration of a ride.

How We Differ From Other Companies

Several minibus hire companies exist, but only one has the total package as far as consumer experience and value. One way that we differ from other companies is our pricing. We start out by offering each consumer with a price that is highly competitive in the market. However, if a person needs to make an adjustment so that the trip will fit the business or personal budget, we are more than happy to rework the arrangement so that it fits neatly into a more suitable price bracket.

We also offer an extensive collection of the newest and most technologically superior vehicles in London. We have 8-seater vehicles for small groups, 10-12 seater minibuses for the larger family gatherings and trips. Our 12-14 seat minibuses may accommodate some corporate guests or birthday party travellers. The 14-16 seater vehicles are available for teams and organisations. Those who are travelling with a large crowd can simplify the event by hiring one of our huge coaches. Drivers are also available to eliminate the trouble of having to plan the trip and then do all the driving. Additionally, drivers can assist in situations that require a designated driver.

Our customer service has always been the type that other companies envy. We use the L.S.S. system of customer service. We listen to every single word a customer says to us so that we can meet all the stated needs. Next, we solve the problem or come up with a solution to get those people from point A to B in the most suitable fashion. Finally, when the experience is over, and the customers smile at us, we smile back at them. The culture of our company is about the total customer experience. Without the clients, we would not exist. Therefore, we exist to make them happy.

We the offer consumers flexible payment options, so that they will have the ability to retain our services. We take all major credit cards for the reservation of an event or transport. We also have an easy online booking system for the tech-savvy individuals who would rather speed handle that part on their own. Otherwise, prospective clients can submit a form to receive a call back from one of our customer service representatives. The representatives will then discuss the options and try to find the best suitable deal.

For those who would like to keep the experience more in line with their current budget, we offer minibus and coach only hire that does not consist of a driver. Leaving the driver out of the equation relives the customer of some of the expenses. The only cost a person will have to pay is the higher cost for the vehicle. Selecting this option leaves the consumer with more money in his or her pockets to spend on the tourist attractions, the meals, and the events. We think of everything possible to enhance the experience that one has while using our services and travelling through London and beyond.

If you need a speedy pickup or a dashing recovery, contact Minibus Hire London to service you. We provide services to the community seven days a week and 24 hours a day. We are open through all times of the year. Customers can obtain services during the holidays and on weekends. We know that various events occur at the oddest hours. Therefore, we made sure our team was staffed with enough people to answer inquiries at any time. Not all minibus hire companies can compete with us. In fact, none of them can, because we have all of our bases covered.