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London is a happening place for festivals. A large lot of festivals are coming up in the year 2014, and we have just the right transportation to get you there. Choose from our extensive fleet of 8-seater festival minibus London vehicles, our 10-12 seater minibuses, the 14-16 seater minibuses, or a wide variety of additional minibuses and coaches with space enough for part of a town. Visit one of the many thrilling and alluring festivals going on next year. They can be a great addition to any birthday party, corporate event, church meeting, family vacation, sports team celebration and more.

Our collection of minibuses and coaches consist of vehicles made by superior automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ford and more. These companies spent their time crafting these vehicles to perfection. All mechanical parts are built to withstand hundreds of thousands of miles of travel. Additionally, our certified and experienced mechanics perform work on them regularly. Furthermore, we have a team of people who tend to the insides of the vehicles. They make sure that each vehicle is immaculate with a favourable scent and an appealing look.

Our minibuses and coaches have generous spacing to provide you with the room you need for your luggage. Our mission is to make your trip to the festival as pleasing and relaxing as it can possibly be. Customers rave about the high level of service that we give them. We believe in pleasing the masses every day. You will always hear a friendly voice or see a friendly face when you deal with Minibus Hire London. All of our drivers are highly personable, knowledgeable and helpful. Travelling with one our drivers will seem like having your own personal tour guide and friend. Drivers are experienced with various types of travel in the London area, so they can assist with getting you, from and around the festival of your choice.

Upcoming Events for Festival Minibus London

The next year will be filled with exciting festivals for all types of group gatherings. If you are looking for something unique that any type of crowd can appreciate, the London International Mime Festival at the Royal Opera House might be appropriate. The Mime Festival provides entertainment for people of all ages, and it teaches people how they can use their bodies to express ideas without speaking. It would be a great festival for high school children, church groups or corporate events.

Also happening in January is the London A Cappella festival. The visitors will see a wide variety of artistic performances in this event. They will also be able to attend vocal workshops and choir performances.

February is an excellent month for a child’s birthday event or a school class trip. The Imagine Children’s Festival occurs in February of 2014, and it features a multitude of musical performances and comedy acts that the children will adore. They will get to witness singing from London children, some fairy tale plays, and other miscellaneous activities.

If your group likes music festivals, the Wireless Festival is coming up later in the year. The Wireless Festival always showcases some of the most popular musical talent in the world. The 2013 festival featured artists such as Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Rascals, McKnasty and more. The 2014 event is sure to be just as hot. Order your tickets now and reserve a festival minibus London to ensure safe travel.

London has an almost endless list of festivals and activities for any group to enjoy. It is our duty to make sure that you and your group make it to these events promptly, safely and in good spirits. Additionally, we provide services for a wide range of other events as well. We can service the transportation to and from the airport. We can give you the help you need during weddings, funerals and other family gatherings. We can take your corporate group wherever it needs to go. We have the vehicles and the manpower to do such. All we need you to do is make a phone call or complete a form to let us know your expectations and your needs. We can transport your party to the festival of your choice and take you around the town for fun as well.

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Minibus Hire London is on standby 24 hours a day and seven days a week to tend to your needs. We are open every season of the year with the same quality vehicles and service we provide all the other seasons. To receive assistance with upcoming festival travel, please complete the short form on the page. We will get back to you with a cheap minibus hire quote for a vehicle and driver. After you receive your quote, you can ask your driver to pick you up at your destination.

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