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As a wedding participant, you are burdened with a multitude of responsibilities. You have only one chance to make this event the most memorable and enjoyable occasion. You have enough to worry about with choosing the right venue, making sure the entertainment is elite, and obtaining professional catering services. Why not let us take care of the transportation? Minibus Hire London is well known name in the UK. We are a London minibus company that has been tending to people’s wedding transportation needs for years. The following are some of the benefits that you will receive by choosing our company:

A Classy Pristine Weddings Minibus London

We have the most elaborate line of minibuses and coaches you could possibly need for your wedding party. The 8-seater minibuses can accommodate a small party, while the 17-18 seater minibus could hold an entire family. Additionally, we offer the 10-12 seater minibus, the 12-14 seater minibus, and the 15-16 seater minibus. Do not fret if your wedding party needs a larger vehicle. Minibus Hire London also has coach hires with 24 to 72 seats.

Our vehicles come from the most prominent manufacturers in the market. For your wedding, you will want to travel as if you are a king and queen. Take the opportunity to ride inside one our Mercedes model minibuses. Such vehicles come in a pure white colour, which is a beautiful colour to match the bride’s white dress. You will also have the benefit of knowing that this fine European vehicle is not going to give you any mechanical problems that would prevent you from making it to your important event. All of our vehicles are inspected and kept up to par by our certified technicians. Before the vehicles go anywhere, the mechanics check them for safety and issues.

A Certified Driver With a Sunny Disposition

You can hire our weddings minibus London with a driver who can tend to your every need during the wedding day. All drivers in our company are certified and licensed drivers who have years of experience in customer service and navigation. Not only will you be getting the opportunity to sit back and have some drinks with the rest of the wedding party, but you will also have a driver with a personality you will love. Our company is all about giving you the most personable experience we can give you.

Rates you can Afford

We understand that wedding costs take up most of the money you have budgeted for the event. To help you start your new life accordingly, we offer the most affordable rates for our services. No other London minibus company is going to offer you a cheap minibus hire with driver with the level of quality that we provide. Some companies may try to compete, but London Minibus Hire always comes out on top. The reason we are so successful is that we truly care about your experience. We want you to have a fairy tale wedding that the guests will talk about for years.

Popular London Wedding Venues

If you have not yet decided on the venue for your wedding, we can offer you a few suggestions on that. If you have a quiet and refined party that appreciates the elegance found in glass, you can try the Holland Park Orangery. The Orangery has an astonishing view of a garden, and it is encased in mostly glass. The room can house approximately 80 people.

If your party favours a ballroom, the Salvie Club has a huge ballroom with an imperial staircase that could take your breath away. The architecture of the establishment gives any visitor the feeling the he or she is wealthy. The room can fit up to 100 guests, so there is a tad bit more room than there is at the Orangery. Additionally, there is a wood-panelled bar and two reception rooms at this establishment.

If you are seeking a wedding that is unique and interesting, you may want to consider having it and the Natural History Museum. After the museum closes, you can have your wedding amid ancient dinosaur bones and exquisite architecture. The Natural History Museum has a 650-person capacity, so it would be the perfect venue if you have a large extended family.

Hire Your Weddings Minibus London Now

Do not wait until the last minute to secure the transportation for your big day. Start browsing through the inventory to find the services that will match your needs. When you have an idea of what you need, you may start the process of reserving it online. If you prefer to telephone us, one of our amiable customer service representatives will take you through the steps of getting your minibus hire. Minibus Hire London will take some of the stress off your shoulders for the big day.

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